MP Nandala Mourns Oulanya, Says Fallen Speaker was Exceptional & Tolerant

By Emma Bwayo



Nathan Nandala FDC’s Secretary General

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala Mafabi has eulogized the fallen Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanya saying he was a very tolerant and hardworking servant who was a friend and brother to everyone.




While we differed on the politics of our country, we did not differ on being brothers and colleagues in the parliament that defines and shapes the future of Uganda. We were together in UPC until it was hijacked.


Rt Hon Jacob Oulanya’s death is not only shocking but a testament that the life we live is brief and while we live in this life we must be called upon to do good, touch a life and be amiable the way he did.


As a close friend and a brother, He has played his part in sharing the contemporary times and the curtain has fallen but his effort for a fair Uganda for all shall not pass in vain. I remember in 2002, we fought together on a motion to save Uganda Commercial Bank, however we lost.


May his death illuminate in us a sense of brotherhood, love and a realization that we are alive for a brief moment in time and what we use the brief moment will define what we lived for and follow to us eternity.


May his soul rest in eternity.


Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi

MP Budadiri West.

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