Police Asked To Reach Out To Locals at Grassroots

By Solomon Hamala




The Acting Commissioner Community Policing Uganda, ACP Anatoli Muleterwa has asked the police to move down to the grassroots to educate masses about the law.


Muleterwa said police officers are only seated in their offices, reason why they are having a number of cases at table yet most of them could be resolved at local level had the masses been sensitized.


“Let us not only sit in our offices. Let us reach that Ugandan at village level, educate him about the law and how to handle disputes/cases. This way we shall reduce the backlog of minor cases we have as these shall be resolved at local level,” he said.


Muleterwa made these remarks while at a 2 days’ workshop on community policing for police officers in Busoga region held at Sikeyz Hotel in Iganga district that ended on 18th March 2022.


The workshop was attended by 120 police officers from 6 districts in Busoga region.


The Regional Police Commander Busoga region Asiimwe Samuel said the workshop followed a bunch of minor cases at police.


“We have so many minor cases at police. Some that even only require the Local council intervention to be settled,” Asiimwe.


He also asked the Community Policing police department to sensitize the masses on what police is and how it operates.


“Many Ugandans fear the police. Some are oppressed but they won’t appear to ask for police help. They think police are only there to arrest people even for no offence,” he noted.

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