Mbale City Former Councillors, Authorities Lock Horns over Unpaid Arrears


By Weswa Ronnie



Former councilors of Mbale city have accused city authorities of failing to put in action what Mbale high court ruled last year.

According to Karimu Wumbu, former councilor of Mukubu ward while speaking to this website, each councilor was entitled to get between 250,000/= and 500,000/= per sitting  depending on the position held.

He adds that while they were active councilors at that time, they were not paid their sitting allowances for three years which accumulated to over 100 million shillings.

Wumbu adds that a section of councilors from Northern, Industrial and Wanale division then resorted to take their grievances to Mbale high court.

The counselor also says that the court ruled the case in their favor  by asking Mbale city to go back and sit with councilors and find ways of paying their money.

One of the councilors who preferred anonymity says that they went back and sat with council authorities and they were urged to be calm since their issue was going to be sorted.

She adds that they were told that the city is just recovering in local revenue collection after being hit with covid19 so their money was going to be paid in quarters.

They add that it’s now almost  half a year without getting any payment  so they are  planning to go back to court so that court can  allow them to seize city council properties in order to recover their arrears.

However , James Kutosi,  the public relations officer of Mbale city has called for calm among former councilors  saying the city is currently doing badly in terms of local revenue.

He adds that they expected to get money from the central government and use some to clear these councilors.

Kutosi also says that money has been released and it is on the account of Mbale city but parliament has not yet approved all newly created cities to use that money which has made them to get stuck in running activities in the city like paying councilors, maintaining roads among others.

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