Bishop Okabe Mobilizes Constituents to Benefit from Parish Development Model



By Sam Edunyu



The Member of Parliament Serere county Patrick Okabe has started mobilizing the people of Serere County to benefit from the recently launched Parish Development Model.

Patrick Okabe through his foundation called Okabe Foundation is mobilizing the people of Serere County to form saving groups.

Over the weekend (Saturday 19th March 2022) Okabe officiated the handover of 10 saving boxes to 10 cooperatives/saving groups and 1 million shillings to each of the groups as a seed Capital in the two parishes of Odungura and Oburin in Olio sub County.

So far Okabe foundation has covered 5 parishes out of the 29 parishes since the beginning of the year.

Okabe said that his major objective is to organize the people of Serere County and empower them to change their level of livelihood.

Through the Okabe foundation, he added that he will continue to train all the groups in his county on financial management before funding them.

He therefore asked the general public of Serere to embrace his approach irrespective of their political affiliation so that they can benefit from the parish development model adding that government will only fund the organized groups in the parishes.

President Yoweri Museveni last month launched the Parish Development Model (PDM) at Kibuku Primary School, Kibuku District in Bukedi Sub-region.

The Parish Development Model (PDM) aims at helping people from parish level to increase their household incomes and joining the money economy.

On the other hand, Okabe foundation supported women’s league and women’s council with 1 ton of maize seeds.

He urged the women to at least each of them to cultivate one acre of maize if they want to increase the income levels in their respective families.

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