Namisindwa Councilors Storm District Offices over Unpaid Allowances

By Emma Bwayo




Namisindwa District Local Government councillors yesterday 22nd March 2022 stormed district headquarters office over unpaid payment of Ex gratia.


The councillors, who were rowdy, argued that they have not received their ex gratia two quarters amounting to Shs95Million for 54 councilors.


They also noted that there is a communication gap especially notices for respective standing committee meetings, making the committee members fail to do their work.


Mwelu Fred, the Bukhabusi Sub county Councillor argued that they need explanation from district officials on what exactly is stopping them from getting their mandatory allowances. Mwelu says all surrounding districts have paid their councilors till 3rd quarter.


Marion Lunyolo, the Workers councilor says the letter from the Chief Administrative Officer last week over ex gratia was very confusing.


She explains that in the letter the CAO claims to have paid council members for two quarters which is not true. She adds that councilors last received ex gratia in August, 2022.


Bwayo Emma, the Male Youth Councillor says the issue of ex gratia is broad adding that they are demanding money for sub county councilors too. He explains that the chairperson and CAO are hoping for a supplementary before paying ex gratia but the economy is doing badly.


“What guarantee is there that government shall approve another supplementary after recently approving a supplementary for new units which money has not reached?” Bwayo asked.


Frank Olabaro the Namisindwa Chief Administrative Officer was not in office when the councilors stormed but in his letter to the district chairperson dated 15th March and seen by our reporter, he says there is no Money to cater for ex gratia, adding that they will be paid as soon as supplementary budgets are approved.

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