Former Vikings High School Head Teacher Detained Over Sodomy Allegations

By Steven Enatu




Police in East Kyoga on Monday 29th, 2022 arrested and detained the former head teacher of Vikings high school in Kalaki district over an alleged case of sodomizing his students.


Adunya Marcel was arrested together with four of his students at his residence in Kengere Ward, Soroti City East after a case was reported to police of his alleged sodomy acts.


According to the East Kyoga Police Spokesperson, Oscar Gregg Ageca, Adunya was found with a group of boys at his residence at the time of arrest.


“we subjected the boys to a medical examination today’s morning by the police surgeon and results show that there is no proof of the act between him and the boys where case vide CRR: 047/2022 has been opened up as more investigations continue,”Agecca  said.


This is not the first time Adunya is being accused of sodomy, in June 2019, a case of alleged sodomy was reported to Soroti Central Police Station against him while at Halcyon High School as the head teacher.


Meanwhile, Abel Opolot the director of Vikings high school in Kalaki district told the media that as soon as he got information about the head teacher’s alleged sodomy in June 2022, he decided to terminate his contract with the school for safety of the students and the image of the school.


It should also be noted that on 10th June 2016, a case vide CRB 633/2016 was opened up against Adunya Marcel while he was serving in a different school as a head teacher for an allegation of sodomizing a 17-year-old student and later the victim’s parents settled the matter with the head teacher out of court.

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