DARING! Bukedea Head Teacher Arrested Red-Handed Having Sex with UPDF Officer’s Wife


By George Emuron




A primary School head teacher of Kangole Primary has been arrested red-handed having sexual intercourse with a UPDF Warrant officer’s wife.

Arrested Head teacher Okello (Photo By George Emuron)

Moses Okello, a resident of Gagama village, Kocheka Sub County in Bukedea district was yesterday 11th September 2022 caught red-handed drilling Priscilla Apio, a head teacher of Kalou primary school in Bukedea district at her brother’s house in Agulet cell, Oswapai Ward in Bukedea Town Council.


David Apedel, the UPDF warrant officer attached to Moroto says he has been warning Okello about his wife for over a year but the accused has been denying that he is in love with his wife.

Okello being taken to Bukedea CPS

“I remember sometime back, I came with a gun to kill Okello because of my wife, but my brother counselled me, I warned Okello several times but lucky enough I have caught them red handed,” said Mr. Apedel.


Mr. Apedel also added that on Saturday 10th, Sept 2022 they engaged in a family meeting on the same matter but his wife denied ever being in love with Okello.


“I don’t want to do anything to Okello, but I only want to give Okello his wife and he pays back my dowry that I paid and I set them free,” said Apedel.


Moses Okello the accused consented to his mistake saying he has been in a love relationship with the UPDF officer’s wife.

local community visiting the scene of crime (Photo By George Emuron)

“Afande I am sorry please forgive me, I have been having love affairs with your wife Pricilla Apio, I’m sorry sir,” Okello said while pleading for forgiveness.


Meanwhile, the adulteress after locking herself inside the room later escaped as majority of the angry local community was attracted to the arrest of Okello.


Okello was forced to write his consent letter to the wife’s owner before he was dragged to Bukedea central police station.


Edga Akangkwansa, the district police commander confirmed Okello’s arrest saying Okello is detained at Bukedea central police station.


However, both parents of the three parties of the UPDF warrant officer, wife’s parents and the accused parents were all expected to appear at Bukedea central police station in the afternoon.


Also the District education officer, District chairperson all will be in CPS to witness since before Okello’s arrest, the case had been reported to his supervisors.

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