TIMELY! Mbale Farmers Receive Government Procured Irrigation Solar Pumps

By Weswa Ronnie




Farmers from ten sub counties in Mbale district have today 12th September 2022 received solar irrigation pumps under the Micro Irrigation Scheme Program.


This micro irrigation scheme program is in 40 districts across the country and funded by World Bank and government of Uganda under the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries.


According to George Wanakina, the Mbale district production officer while handing over the pumps to farmers at different places, 29 farmers from the sub counties of Bungokho, Nakaloke, Namabasa, Bungokho Mutoto, Bumbobi, Namanyonyi, Budwale, Bufumbo, Busoba and Lwaso are going to benefit.


He adds that the government of Uganda and World Bank will pay 70% for each beneficiary as he or she contributes only 30% in installments.


Wanakina also says that the government and World Bank injected 812 million shillings in these pumps so that farmers can carry out farming throughout the year.


Muhammad Mafabi, the LCV chairperson Mbale district said that government wants farmers from rural areas to grow food throughout the year such that they can improve on food security and production.


Mafabi also says that the district has already got more money for this financial year 2022/2023 which is going to be used in buying more pumps for other farmers in the second slot.


Asumin Nasike, the Mbale Resident District Commissioner Mbale has urged the beneficiaries to use the pumps well such that the country can attain middle income status and have household incomes improved.


She also warned that whereas these pumps are going to be owned by farmers, any farmer who will be found selling will be arrested.


Samuel Wanda and Suzan Nasaka both beneficiaries from Busoba Sub County expressed their happiness with the pumps saying that this time they are going to carry out agriculture throughout the year.

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