JUST IN: 16 Year old Sironko Girl Gang Raped, Killed During Day Time


By Weswa Ronnie  



A 16 year old girl has this afternoon been gang raped and later hacked to death while washing clothes in a nearby water source.

The murder that has left residents in shock took place in Bilanda cell, Buteza Sub County in Sironko district.

According to Francis Wangolo, an area resident says that the girl was gang raped by these youths while she had gone to wash clothes at the nearby water source today.

He adds that these youths used advantage of people not being around and forcefully undressed the girl before raping then later used sharp panga to slit her throat.

Wangolo also says that these attackers murdered her and dumped the body in a nearby bush after discovering that the victim had identified them.

Patrick Nakileza, the LCI chairperson of Bilinda village confirmed the incident and pointed his fingers to idle youths in the area who smoke marijuana full time.

He adds that he tried to inform police about these idle youths but nothing has happened which has promoted insecurity in the area.

By press time police had not yet been informed and the body was still at the scene.



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