DEATH: Two minors die in the house, their mother hospitalised in critical condition 


Two children have this evening been found dead in their house.

Their mother was also found in the same house struggling for her life and is apparently admitted in Mbale regional referral in a critical condition

The incident happened at Bujoloto cell, Bujoloto ward Northern city division in Mbale city.

Mr Rogers Taitika the Elgon region police spokesperson identified the mother as Rose Namataka who was found unconscious in the house and was rushed to Mbale regional referral.

Local reports indicate that Namataka was cooking inside her house on a charcoal stove that could have consumed all the oxygen leading to the death of the two children.

Mr Taitika said that police have taken samples of food that these people ate last night so that they can find the cause of the death of the two children.

He also urged people to not put charcoal stoves while cooking inside small poorly ventilated rooms they rent in order not to suffocate the occupants.


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