Bugisu Cooperative Union Embarks On Surveying All Primary Society Lands

By Weswa Ronnie




Bugisu Cooperative Union has started surveying all lands where it has built primary societies following the current increased land grabbing vices.


This was revealed by Nathan Nandala Mafabi, the chairman of BCU yesterday on Sunday 2nd October, 2022 while speaking to hundreds of coffee farmers under BCU at Magale Catholic Church during the ongoing three weeks zonal meetings.


According to Nandala, most land at many primary societies has been grabbed by neighbors with some even forging land titles.


He adds that they have started doing documentary work in partnership with district land boards such that before the start of next year all primary societies’’ lands are surveyed.


John Musila, the vice chairperson of Bugisu cooperative union also doubling as legislator of Bubulo east constituency in Namisindwa district says that BCU has a total of 277 primary societies across Bugisu but all their lands have not yet been titled.


He adds that grabbers are using that chance to the grab the land yet it they were surveyed, this would not be possible.


Samuel Mataya, one of the farmers at Magale primary society under BCU expressed his happiness with the move saying that this is going to save BCU primary society land.


He adds that currently they are battling at court with some neighbors of their primary society after claiming that they want their land back since it was donated by their grandfather in 1980s.

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