Bugisu LCV Chairpersons to Close Offices of Rival Umukuka Claimants

By Weswa Ronnie




Local Council Five Chairpersons from six districts at Bugisu region have resolved to close two offices occupied by the two purported cultural leaders of Masaba Cultural Institution.


The resolution was arrived at during a consultative meeting held at Mbale district head offices located at Malukhu in Mbale city over the weekend.


It’s now two years as Mike Mudoma who purports to be the truly elected Masaba cultural leader is operating from former Bungokho-Mutoto sub county offices as their head offices near the cultural site.


Meanwhile, John Amuram Wagabyalile, another claimant operates from Masaba cultural institution offices located at Malukhu, Industrial city division in Mbale city.


According to the ministry of Gender, Labor Social Development, so far there is no cultural leader in Masaba until the two rivals agree on one person before the government can gazette one.


Speaking to this reporter, Muhamed Mafabi the LCV chairperson of Mbale district said that they have unanimously resolved to close the two offices starting today Monday (24th October, 2022) since both have occupied them illegally according to government.

Kosea Kimono Kigai, the LCV chairperson of Manafwa district also the chairperson of LCV chairpersons at Bugisu said that since the death of Bob Mushikori the II, the outgoing cultural leader of Masaba cultural institution in 2021, it has become a problem to replace him because Mike Mudoma and John Amuram Wagabyalile both claim to be the legitimately elected cultural leaders which has created confusion.


Kigai said that the ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development, religious leaders and stakeholders have on several times tried to engage the two such that one can leave for the other but no positive results up to now.



“Since Masaba Cultural Institution was created by the district councils of Mbale, Bududa, Manafwa, Bulambuli and Sironko in 2009, so LCV chairpersons have a stake to determine or to get a solution to the mess which is going on in the institution,’’ Mr. Kigai said.


He added that after closing the two offices, they are going to convene a meeting with 26 clan chairpersons forming Masaba cultural institution and decide whether to select one of the two after analyzing the way they were elected or organize fresh election and send one name to the Ministry of Gender for gazettemet.


John Faith Magola, Member of Parliament representing Bungokho North constituency in Mbale district also secretary for Bugisu parliamentary Caucus says that district councils must also make amendments in the constitution of Masaba cultural institution about elections.


He adds that according to the constitution, cultural leaders are elected by delegates from 26 clans rather than district councils which might be the cause of all this confusion.


Isaac Katenya the MP for Bulambuli county in Bulambuli district also says that they have instructed the police to implement the resolutions by arresting any purported cultural leader who will defy the resolutions by continuing to operate from these offices which have been closed.


Rogers Taitika the Elgon region police spokesperson has pledged that police will implement the resolutions passed if they have been passed legally since their work as police is to keep law and order.


However, Geoffrey Wepondi, the prime minister of Masaba cultural institution has cautioned the LCV chairperson to stop poking their noses into Masaba cultural institution affairs.


Mr Wepondi said ‘’ It’s true Masaba cultural institution was put in place by five Bugisu district councils but it doesn’t mean that the institution is under them.’’


Wepondi threatened to sue those LCV chairpersons in case they attempt to close Masaba cultural institution offices located at Malukhu where John Amuram Wagabyalile sits since by law he was elected legally.

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