Senior Mbale Diocese Reverend Quits Church Of Uganda, Joins Worldwide Anglican Church

By Wetondo Denis Julius




A Senior Mbale Diocese Reverend has left Church of Uganda and has been consecrated Bishop of Worldwide Anglican Church, Upper Nile Diocese.


Rt. Rev. Abednego Kassawa Watenga who has Chairman House of Clergy Mbale Diocese and Team Leader Anglican Renewal Ministry Mbale Diocese was on Sunday, 30th October 2022 consecrated Upper Nile Diocese of Worldwide Anglican Church at Busamaga Play Ground in the Mbale City.


The consecration was presided over by the most Rev. Dr. Jan L. Beaderstadt, Archbishop Primate of North America and attended by Most Rev. Dr. C. Lwanga Tusubira.


The other Bishops that graced the ceremony include Rev. Dr. Edward Abraham Amwayi and Bishop Eric Mujuki from Kenya. The other was Bishop Filex Zehimana from Burundi. Bishop James Nalwasi from Budaka, Bishop John Gidudu from Mbale North diocese, Sir Kakalimi Kisakye western Uganda also attended.



Watenga later told congregants that he has not left Church of Uganda because of any grudges but the new appointment is a calling from God.


“I will endeavor to preach a holistic gospel that attends to all aspects of humanity politically, socially, economically and environmentally,” Watenga said.

He also says his focus will be drawn to identifying and growing the gifts of the Holy Spirit which he said congregations of the WAC are gifted with.


Worldwide Anglican Church


It started way back in the 1921 meaning it has been around for 101 and 8 years in Uganda.


Upper Nile Diocese Worldwide Anglican Church is a newly created diocese in Elgon Region and Watenga becomes the first Bishop.

This religion is found in sixty four countries worldwide and it has been in existence for 101 years.


Upper Nile Diocese Worldwide Anglican church is the sixth in Uganda.


“I thank the Church of Uganda leadership and Congregations for mentoring me. I thank the Anglican Renewal ministry for growing me spiritually,” Watenga said.


The most Rev. Dr C Lwanga Tusubira informed journalists that Bishops always speak and stand for the truth, adding that he should avoid spreading the gospel of doom.


“You speak the truth it will set you free. The challenge with religious leaders today they don’t speak the truth. Very many people are chased from their land, unlawfully arrested, tortured but religious leaders keep quiet,” Lwanga said.


He also appealed to people in Mbale to join the Worldwide Anglican church, which just broke off from the Church of Uganda.


“We do not accept homosexuality and it’s very strict and sex outside marriage. For us the definition of marriage has not changed and marriage is between man and woman. We do not discuss homosexuality, do not advocate for it and we do not even want to talk about it,” Lwanga said.


Archbishop primate of North America, Apostolic Nuncio most Rev, Dr, Jan L. Beaderstadt while delivering his  sermon of the day commended President Museveni for allowing freedom of worship in Uganda not like in some other countries.


Upper Nile Diocese Worldwide Anglican church new Bishop Abednego Watenga denounced Anglican church of Uganda after he failed to be elected as new Bishop Mbale diocese and the position was given to Rt. Rev. John Wilson Nandaah.



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