Iganga Businesswoman Arrested For Conning Shs1.5BN from Village Savings Groups

By Solomon Hamala




A 30 year old woman has been charged in the Iganga Magistrates Court after Police arrested her for stealing 1.5b from a number of village saving groups in Iganga Municipality.


The theft case is at registered at Iganga CPS Vide CRB 928/2022.


The accused is called Namugaya Sophie, a fish monger in Jinja but a resident of Bulubandi village in Iganga district.


The trial magistrate, Ndiwalana Yunus remanded the accused until 15th November when she will be brought back in court for hearing.


Namugaya’s arrest followed several complaints from members of her fellow village saving groups where she variously obtained loans totaling to Shs1.5b and failed to pay back.


The complainants are Afusa Gwebatuma, Naigaga Hajira, Rahmizaia Designer, Mastullha, Naiwumbwe Suzan and Hajjati Fatuma Kowa all financial managers of different village saving groups in Iganga Town.


But just like Namugaya, her husband Siragi Kyendakulya a bursar at Bwika SS in Busia is being hunted by Police on similar charges.

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