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SOROTI: Umeme Electricity Wire Thief Shot Dead for Attempting To Disarm Police

By Nathan Eyagu




Police in Soroti have shot dead a suspected Umeme electricity wire thief while four others are reported to be on the run in an incident that on Saturday’s morning in Merok Village, Merok Parish, Katine County, along Soroti Lira highway.


The deceased has been identified as Anyou Samuel a male adult and son of Edibu Silver who is a resident in Olano Village, Oculoi Parish, in Oculoi sub-county within Soroti District.


According to police, the deceased with four others were found by police vandalizing Umeme wires after a tip off from residents and on noticing police presence started flashing very bright lights to disorient the officers and throwing implements at Police.


SP Ageca, PRO East Kyoga said in a press statement that the group started advancing towards the police with intention to hurt and possibly disarm the officers on ground which prompted the police to fire live bullets that killed the deceased instantly.

“Because of the forgoing, one of the thieves whose name is here noted above was shot and put out of action, being cognizant of a record of previous disarming and killing of our officers within Soroti District,” Ageca said.


The PRO says police is currently on the hunt for the other four persons who ran away from the scene and that some exhibits such as electricity wires and the other implements were recovered from the scene.


“The Uganda Police would like to acknowledge the quick action of the public in informing the police that allowed for the quick response; we thus urge the public to immediately inform the police if and when you notice theft of public infrastructure and further reiterate our commitment and the redoubling of efforts to ensure the safety of public infrastructure,” Ageca added in the statement.

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