There’s No Foot & Mouth Disease in Nabilatuk- District Veterinary Officer

By Steven Enatu





Nabilatuk District authorities have refuted the rumors circulating within the community alleging the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in the District.


In a press release dated 16th November, 2022, the District Veterinary Officer, Dr. David Ssendagire said that most of the animals assumed to have Foot and Mouth Disease were discovered to have lumpy skin disease and tick-borne related Disease not FMD.


Lumpy skin disease is a viral disease that affects cattle; it is transmitted by blood-feeding insects, such as certain species of flies and mosquitoes or ticks.


“We don’t have an outbreak of FMD, following the numerous reports about Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak; the Production Department dispatched a team from the Veterinary sector to ascertain the claims and we would like to clarify that, this information is not true and should be disregarded with all the contempt it deserves. It has not been scientifically confirmed that FMD has attacked Nabilatuk,” he said.


The claims follow a recent report of Foot and mouth disease outbreak in neighboring districts like Nakapiripirit that has seen a temporal animal quarantine imposed.


According to Dr. Ssendagire, Nabilatuk has been conducting vaccination against Foot and Mouth Disease, PPR and Rabies for the last four years with support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal industry and fisheries together with Food and Agricultural Organization.


“In the Previous Year, the District received 7,000 doses of FMD vaccines, 10,000 doses of PPR vaccine and 3,000 doses of Rabies vaccines from MAAIF which were given to goats, sheep, Cattle, pigs and Dogs” reads part of the press release from the district.


He however said due to search for pasture, some pastoralists who had migrated to other Districts have returned to the community with their unvaccinated animals.


He said a team from FAO is also on ground getting information from the community and by next week a team from MAAIF will join in to ascertain the rumors.


“A surveillance team from MAAIF will join us and we shall draw blood samples from the animals to verify the claims” he said.


He urged the community to report any suspected animal and implored them to desist from sharing false information that may cause alarm.


“As a District we shall not hesitate to declare an outbreak when it arises but for now, there is no Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak in Nabilatuk District,” he noted.


For lumpy skin disease, Dr. Ssendagire said two cases were registered in September, October and he has made a requisition for vaccines.


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