HOT SOUP! Mbale City Human Resource Bosses on Spot over Missing Pensioners Money

By Weswa Ronnie




Mbale City has suspended payment of salaries of its staff members in the human resource department after failing to account for non-payment of pensioners’ money.


This was revealed by Kenneth Ochen, the Mbale City Town Clerk on Friday 18th November, 2022 at a ceremony where Ahamada Washakie, the outgoing Mbale resident city commissioner was handing over office to John Rex Achilla, the incoming RCC.


Ochen said that he did this as a way of forcing these staff members to explain where the pensioners’ money has been going for the last four months.


He added that the Ministry Of Public Service claims that money has been coming however, this money is not reaching the accounts of the beneficiaries.


The town clerk also said ‘’this is the time to start fighting corruption and removing wrong elements in the city such that government works can move on well.’’


Mr. Ochen added that these officers will be suspended until they clear payments of 40 pensioners or explain to him with evidence why they have stayed for four months without paying.


Kassimu Namugali, the Mayor of Mbale City said that they have already requested auditors to come and carry out auditing of the human resource department such that they can prove more irregularities.


The Mayor also said that besides the 40 pensioners who have gone for 4 months without pay, he has also got reports that more pensioners have died without accessing their payment, while others are still demanding up to date.


Meanwhile, Washakie urged his successor to start from where he ended in fighting corruption in public offices such that people can get services.


‘’I urge you to work with the political and technical wing such that Mbale city can move forward in terms of development,’’ Mr. Washakie said.


Achilla pledged to work together with community, technical staff and politicians to achieve goals.


Mr. Achilla added that starting from his former Kumi district, he has been an enemy to corrupt people who are making this country move backward which he can’t tolerate.


Husain Namanda and Sam Wamande, both residents from Mbale city, praised Washkie for being brave and fighting corruption like recovering Nakaloke town council land, improving local revenue collection at Mbale central market among others.


They urged the incoming RCC to continue from where Washkie ended as the only way of putting Mbale city on the national map.

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