LDC Academic Registrar Interdicted Over Sexual Harassment

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The academic registrar of the Law Development Centre (LDC) has been interdicted to pave way for investigations into allegations that he sexually harassed female students.


Mr Everest Turyahikayo was interdicted on November 15 for a period of 30 days, which will end on December 14.


“LDC interdicted the academic registrar over accusations of sexual harassment whose details I cannot disclose,” Mr Frank Nigel Othembi, the LDC director, said in a telephone interview yesterday.


It is not clear how many students are accusing Mr Turyahikayo.


Prior to this, Ms Mary Nakigozi, the assistant registrar, was also interdicted for 90 days for allegedly soliciting money from students to alter their examination marks in their favour. The 90 days have since elapsed.


Ms Nakigozi’s woes began when she allegedly received Shs30m from a student to alter their marks but did not do so.


“It is true we had also interdicted the assistant registrar but when the 90 days were done, we couldn’t extend it. We decided to ask her to take the remaining days of her annual leave,” Mr Othembi said.


He added: “So both officials are not working apparently. A final decision report is going to be made by the management committee on December 20 to either confirm the interdiction or not.”


When this newspaper contacted Mr Turyahikayo for a comment, he denied the sexual harassment allegations, saying: “This is not true. I am doing my work at LDC, you may even come over to prove or even ask the director. I have not heard about those allegations.”


He added that “bad people” are spreading false rumours to taint his “good” name.


However, when we contacted Ms Nakigozi, she promised to get back to this reporter but had not done so by press time.


“Who gave you my phone number? The good thing is that I have got your number, I will get back to you,” Ms Nakigozi said


Meanwhile, Mr Othembi said Ms Stephanie Lukwanzi, a registrar at the Mbarara LDC branch, has been moved to Kampala to take over from Mr Turyahikayo during the period of his interdiction.


Claims of sexual harassment at institutions of higher learning are rampant, with some lecturers currently serving their respective sentences after being found culpable of the offences.


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