Angry Agule County MP Punches Journalist after Losing Parliamentary Seat in Court of Appeal Case

By Wetondo Denis Julius



Dumbulu showing some of the injuries he sustained from Ogwari’s punches

The evening of Thursday, 15th December, 2022 was a very bad one for the Agule Member of Parliament after Justice Moses Kazibwe Kawumi of the Court of Appeal sitting at Mbale high court ruled that he lacked the requisite academic qualifications to be a Member of Parliament.


In his ruling, Justice Kazibwe ordered for a by-election in Agule.


Shortly after the ruling, Hon. Ogwari Polycarp assaulted journalists who were trying to shoot a video of the proceedings outside court and punched a one Dumbulu Naziru of Faith Fm Mbale who immediately rushed to police and lodged a case of assault against the embattled MP.


The Central Police Station, Mbale City registered the assault case under SD REF: 129/15/12/2022.


Dumbulu who was in his line of duty covering the event was pounced on by the MP and his supporters accusing the Journalist of taking a video recording and demanded for his phone.


On refusing to surrender his phone, the MP grabbed the journalist by his neck and ripped off his clothes and beat him up to an extent of bleeding.


Ochwa David who won the petition against Polycap condemned the act saying it’s not worthy a honorable member and demanded that Polycap apologizes.

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