BEWARE! UCC Warns Of Scammers Hacking Into Whatsapp Accounts

By Our Reporter




Uganda Communications Commission has warned the general public to be alert saying scammers are on rampage hacking into people’s WhatsApp accounts.


In a message sent out today, 29th December, 2022, UCC says with so many people using WhatsApp during this festive season, it has become a target for some hackers to hack into other people’s WhatsApp accounts.


UCC warns therefore that, “Do not open any unsuspicious links or messages from contacts that you do not know of.”


This Is How Scammers Hack Into Your Account


They will send you a 6 digit pin code claiming it was mistakenly sent to you and then ask you to share a verification code with them.


The moment you receive this message, it means your friend’s Account has been hacked and the scammers are now trying to hack all his/her contacts including yours.


The criminals, according to UCC will hack into your account and access your contacts and even block you out of it.

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