TORORO: Events Promoters Suspend Shows over Escalating Police Extortionist Tendencies

By Our Reporter




Tororo show, and music promoters have suspended shows in the district over claims that police is frustrating their business with exorbitant demands for money from them before hosting any event.


Tororo Entertainment Promoters Association, a body that brings together all people who organize shows and concerts in the district announced the move today, 3rd February, 2023 during a press conference at Legendz bar in Tororo municipality.


The promoters have singled out Tororo district police commander, Fred Ahimbisibwe, the officer in charge of Tororo central police and the officer in charge of Malaba police station for extorting unbearable amounts of money from them before and after the shows.


Their complaints are also contained in a letter written to the office of Tororo district resident commissioner asking him to rein in over the top management of police who for bad intentions are frustrating the operations of the group.


In the letter signed by the association chairperson, Henry Epaku, the promoters say each time they have been organizing shows ever since the current DPC came to the district, they have been asked between shillings 1 million for functions held in small venues and more than 3million for events held in open fields and yet they don’t even provide value for money.


The association in the letter revealed that so far more than two shows have been blocked in the district after failing to avail them with the exorbitant money they asked and worst of all, the same officers have the moral fiber to demand for extra huge money after seeing huge crowds and failure to comply leads to endless threats from them.


They also describe the accused officers of arrogance, disrespect of business persons and that they have turned policing at music concerts a money minting venture at the expense of events’ promoters.


The promoters have now announced the suspension of business until the accused officers reform.


Before they resume operations, the promoters want police to issue receipts for every penny they receive, respect show organizers, stop extortionist behaviors and threats and demand apologies from DPC, OC station Tororo and Malaba for the gross losses they have caused.


Fahad Hirie, one of the show organizers said he recently went through the wrath of new guidelines when he was asked even to avail an ambulance and medical personnel if his show was to go ahead.


To make matters worse, he was asked more than 1 million shillings for security and at the end of the event, he made a loss of more than 5 million shillings due to security recklessness that saw the show end prematurely.


Zubaire Mbwanika, the manager of Rock classic that usually hosts most of the shows, has asked police to equally get to event management so that they can appreciate the challenges faced.

The RDC has promised to discuss the matter in the district’s security meeting and give the promoters a feedback. He however, asked them to resume their shows with immediate effect.

This website has yet to get a comment from the police and the office of the RDC on the development.

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