6 Months Old Baby, Household Properties Burn into Ashes in Mbale City

By Weswa Ronnie




Police in Mbale City is investigating circumstances under which a minor was burnt into ash including all house properties on Sunday, 12th February, 2023.


The incident happened at Wabologa cell, Namunsi Ward, Northern Division in Mbale City.


According to Habib Mukova, the LCI chairperson of Wabologa cell, the deceased who was only six months was left in the house sleeping by her mother known only as Margret with a candle lighting.


He adds that the baby kicked the candle which fell on the mattress setting it on fire and burning other household properties.


Mukova also says that the parents came and discovered when the house is on fire although they tried to put off the fire, they failed to save the life of the baby.


Rogers Taitika, the Elgon region police spokesperson has confirmed the incident saying that both parents Julius Kazumini and Margret have been arrested to answer charges of child neglect.

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