How 2 Stanbic Bank Managers Colluded with Fraudsters to Steal Client’s Shs6.5 Billion

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Police has revealed how two Stanbic Bank branch managers in Kampala colluded with 10 other fraudsters to steal 1.8 Million U.S Dollars belonging to one of the Bank’s clients.


Addressing the press on 13th February, 2023, ACP Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson identified the two Bank Managers as Ayesiga Moses, the branch Manager of Garden City branch and Ssekito David, the Freedom City Branch Manager.


Enanga revealed that the duo participated in opening up three fictitious accounts into which the money belonging to of Nile Energy whose director is Mohamed Abdul Hakim Hussein, a Kenyan national.


After opening the three accounts, the duo together with their accomplices using forged documents of a Kenyan Passport number AK 0849025 and forged inter Account Transfer Forms, all in the names of Mohamed Abdul Hakim Hussein accessed the account.


They then made unauthorised transfers of funds, worth USD1.8M, into the 3 bank accounts, established solely for the purpose of receiving the stolen funds at the direction of the two branch managers.


The three accounts are; Account Number 9030012835107 in the names of Dixon Kagurusi Ampumuza; Account Number 9030021572615 in the names of Petrom Limited and Account Number 9030018628871 in the names of Famane Investments Co. Ltd.


Petrom Limited according to Enanga belongs to a one Oscar Kyabukasa Lutaaya and Hashur Rahman, as the Directors, while Famane Investments Co. Ltd, is owned by Oman Ghebreyesus, Fiona Dede Bwende and Elijah Daniel Wanzu as Directors, at Freedom City Branch and Garden City Branch. (Accomplices).


At least 3 cash withdrawals and 5 Inter Account Transfers were made as follows; on the 24.01.2023, while at garden city, withdrawals of USD 40,000, USD 90,000 and IACs of USD 295,000, to Famane Investments Co Ltd, USD 300,000 to Petrom Ltd.


On the 31.01.2023, an IAC of USD 495,000 was effected to Petrom Ltd; and on the 1.02.2023, a cash withdraw of USD 60,000 was made from Freedom City Branch.


On the 2.02.2023, an IAC of USD 287,000 was made to Petrom Ltd and another IAC of USD 295,000 was made to Dixon Kagurusi Ampumuza, by the suspects, purporting to be Mohamed Abdul Hakim Hussein.


The racket was however busted on the 3rd February, 2023 when one Tefera Okubaslassie Robel, an Eritrean Refugee, was intercepted with two Inter Account Transfer forms, with a face value of USD 988,200, that was to be effected from the Nile Energy Account and thereafter, credited into an Account Number in the names of Dixon Kagurusi Ampumuza.


“The suspect also had in his possession, a Kenyan Passport Number AK 0849025 in the names of Mohamed Abduhakim Hussein, which prompted the bank to verify with the Account holders, who denied any authorisations. The suspect was arrested and found with USD 4900 and Ugx.shs. 600,000 in his possession; which was exhibited,” Enanga revealed.


Immediately after, the 3 Directors of Famane Investments Co. Ltd, were arrested. Upon interrogation, they admitted to having received the stolen cash, which they used in a Gold transaction of USD 250,000 with Mansoor and Sam Fred.


“Efforts are also in place, to trace a one Dixon Ampumuza Kagurusi, the Director of Petrom Ltd, who is still in hiding,” Enanga says.


The 12 arrested suspects that were arraigned before the Anti-Corruption court yesterday 13th February, 2023 are Tefera Okubaslassie Robel, Ayesiga Moses, Natukunda Brian, a former employee of Stanbic Bank, who introduced Kagurusi Dixon Ampumuza,(in hiding) 3 Directors of Famane Investments Co. Ltd, namely; Oman Ghebreyesus, Fiona Dede Bwende, Elijah Daniel Wanzu and Sekito David.


They are charged with causing financial loss, money laundering, forgery and utterance of forged documents.

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