Kibuku Parish Chiefs Under Investigation for Charging PDM Beneficiaries Illegal Fees

By Weswa Ronnie




Parish Chiefs in Kibuku District are being investigated on allegations of extorting money from Parish Development Model (PDM) beneficiaries.


The order was given by Javelin Kalisa, the Deputy National Coordinator of PDM on who condemned the parish chiefs saying there actions will fail the government program.


Kalisa ordered the office of the Chief Administrative Officer, Kibuku to investigate the matter such that the accused parish chiefs can be arrested.


‘’ Government has been coming up with many programs with the aim of elevating people in poverty but its workers have played a big role in failing them which will not be accepted this time,’’ Mrs. Kalisa said.


The order follows several complaints from the beneficiaries that the parish chiefs ask for Shs10,000 from each member of a SACCO before it is registered.


According to Fred Kirya, one of the parish development model program beneficiaries at Kibuku district, their parish chief asked each member to pay ten thousand shillings before registering their SACCO saying it was registration fee.


He added that those who refused to pay were left out with the argument that they don’t qualify to be registered.


Samuel Okibi, also a beneficiary, urged government to clearly explain to people through the media whether this program is for free or not.


He said ‘’ many poor people have been left out in the programs and instead the rich are taken since they can’t afford 10,000/= to pay parish chiefs before including them.’’


Paulo Aliau the deputy chief administrative officer Kibuku district has said that it’s only allowed for each group to pay 5,000/= for photocopying of forms but not each member paying 10,000/= as alleged.


He added that he is going to investigate the matter saying that any parish chief who will be found culpable will face the law.


Eva Kwesiga, the Resident District Commissioner of Kibuku has also promised to fight this kind of corruption in the district saying it is going to affect service delivery.

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