ALL CLEAR: Court Clears Emorimor Sande Emolot

By Steven Enatu



Soroti High Court on the 1st March 2023 dismissed without costs a contempt of court case that was filed against Emorimor Paul Sunday Emolot.

The disgruntled team of elders led by William Alloch went to court and filed a case after the demise of his highness Emorimor Augustine Osuban Lemukol to stop the election of any person to the seat.

Alloch and team challenge Emolot’s rise to the office of Emorimor without allegedly following the rightful procedures of getting elected into office of Emorimor as according to the Iteso Cultural Union (ICU) constitution.

Through this, several court orders barring Emolot from carrying out any activity related to ICU however, the former Chairperson of the Iteso Cultural Union- ICU Paul Sande Emolot now Emorimor has been accused of disrespecting court orders.

The disgruntled elders later on filed a case of contempt of court against Emolot.

The case was meant to be ruled on the 20th Feb but was pushed to1st March


How a case of contempt of court came against Emolot

In August, the Soroti Resident Judge, Justice Henry Adonyo issued a temporary injunction restraining Paul Sande Emolot and John Francis Okuma, the former ICU Council chairperson and Speaker respectively from performing any cultural duties related to the ICU.

Emolot and Ekuma were also blocked from convening meetings or transacting any business on behalf of the ICU, using logo, stamp, and cultural regalia as Emorimor and Speaker of the ICU council.

They were also barred from accessing ICU offices, holding media talk shows, appointing office bearers to positions in ICU, expelling members and staff of the ICU, and or doing any activities related to ICU until the disposal of the civil suit.

But Anthony Bernard Okanyum, the lawyer of the ICU founder members said that Emolot and the team were not adhering to the court orders.

According to Okanyum, Emolot, Ekuma, their agents and employees have allegedly violated court orders by appointing a new cabinet led by the Prime Minister, Vance Omome, who illegally continued to occupy the offices.

He adds that Emolot had continued to hold meetings in different places including Teso, and Kampala.

The lawyer petitioned this in high court just a few weeks before the coronation of Emolot as the next Emorimor that happened on October 22 at Soroti mayor’ garden. After the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development gave a leeway for the event.

In a statement that was issued by the Minister of Gender Labor and Social Development, Betty Amongi, the decision was based on an investigation and legal advice from the Attorney General.

The Minister says the government was unable to stop the coronation after failing to find binding reasons that would lead to that effect, adding that it did not want to act in anticipation.

In September 2022, the Assistant Registrar of Soroti High Court, Jessica Chemeri dismissed with costs an application by Emolot and Ekuma to overturn the court ruling restraining them from conducting ICU activities.

The legal battle ensued when Emolot was declared caretaker Emorimor by some members of the ICU council.

The House of Elders also opposed the dismissal of cabinet members appointed by the former Emorimor, Augustine Osuban Lemukol who died in February 2022.

The elders argue that the former Emorimor had suspended the council headed by Emolot and disbanded its electoral commission headed by Dr. Charles Otim in 2019, over election irregularities that marred their election processes.

In another development, elders have also written to the Attorney general in a letter dated 9th January 2023 a notice of total and unconditional rejection of Paul Sande Emolot as the Emorimor of Iteso clans.

The letter seen by this website was also copied to various institutions including media houses, Human rights commission among others.



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