Ministry of Gender Boosts Jua-kali Groups with Business Toolkits

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The Third Deputy Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Rukia Isanga Nakadama(holding mic) handing over events management items to groups from Mawokota constituency

The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development on Friday, 3rd March, 2023 handed over an assortment of business toolkits and equipment to Jua-kali (informal sector) groups from across the country.


The items that included: welding generators, paver/block making machines, compressors, ovens, jet car washers, industrial sewing machines, salon equipment, motorcycles, as well as events management kits like tents and chairs, among others, are aimed at boosting the productivity and profit margins of the beneficiary enterprise groups.


Up to 7,102 individuals will directly benefit from the items, 2,876 being male (40.5%) and 4,226 female (59.5%).


The Support to the Informal Sector is a component of the Green Jobs Programme that is being implemented under the Green Jobs Programme of the department of Labour, Industrial Relations and Productivity. It is part of wider Government efforts to respond to the rising unemployment, low labour productivity and poverty.


While presiding over the handover of the toolkits at the Uganda Museum in Kampala, the Third Deputy Prime Minister and Minister without Portfolio, Rt.Hon. Rukia IsangaNakadama, challenged the beneficiary groups to utilise the equipment to turn around their lives for the better.

“The support from this Programme will unlock opportunities for the Private Sector and create employment. I would like to challenge you to use the toolkits and equipment to develop your businesses, improve production, create more jobs, get more revenue and secure your future,”Hon. Nakadama said.


In order to benefit from the Programme, all beneficiaries should be Ugandan citizens, organised in groups with a minimum of 5 members and must have a known business location.


Beneficiaries are required to fill an Assessment Form on the Online Jua Kali Information Management System and also obtain a signed recommendation letter from the Local Council (LC) 1 Chairperson of the area where the business is located.


The Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Hon. Betty Amongi revealed that the Green Jobs and Fair Labour Market Programme was designed to enhance creation of green and decent employment and support Government efforts to have more Ugandans in the money economy.


“Our role as the Ministry of Gender is to have people including the rural populations join the money economy.” She noted.


The Kyegegwa Woman MP and Chairperson of Parliament’s Committee on Gender, Labour and Social Development Hon. FlaviaKabahenda, advised Government to consider re-routing money that was previously dedicated to the Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP) to supporting the jua-kalis.


“We have been giving money to groups but we see nothing new. We should be redirecting money that was meant for YLP to boosting the Jua-kali programme.” She said.

The event was attended by Members of Parliament from constituencies where the beneficiary groups are located.

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