Curvy Senior Cop Guides On How to Date Female Police Officers

By Our Reporter




A senior and also curvaceous police officer has excited men by making what she calls a public announcement on those warming to date female police officers.


Maureen Atuhaire, who is the Commissioner Child and Family Protection Department – Uganda Police Force has today, 15th March 2023 tweeted advising men on what to expect should they date female police officers.


Atuhaire’s ‘Public Announcement’ follows earlier reports that the Inspector General of Police, Martines Ochola has permitted police officers who wish to get married to civilians to so without seeking for permission from his office.


In her tweet, Atuhaire says, despite the permission, standards shall not be compromised at any cost.


“”All those warming to date female police officers should remember that such a partnership requires a lot of faithfulness, commitment, resilience and hardwork,” the curvy Atuhairwe tweeted.


The tweet has attracted a lot of frenzy on tweeter with many asking how and where they can drop their applications for the marriage hand of the pretty Atuhaire.


“Nayye momo (Atuhaire) and diversions just announce where the applications should be dropped, no escape this time. Also the Village where cows should be sent. We move with the speed of Operation Shuja,” a one Patel tweeted back.


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