Sironko District Woman MP Rivals Bury Hatchet Ahead Of 2026 General Elections

By Weswa Ronnie   




As a way of strengthening NRM in Sironko district, the party has embarked on reconciling its members who lost elections in 2021 general election.


This was revealed by Alhaji Moses Kigongo the national vice chairperson of NRM while reconciling Asha Mafabi Lumolo the former Sironko woman Mp NRM flagger bearer and Florence   Nambozo Mayoja woman Mp for Sironko district on independent ticket today at Sironko high play ground during district NRM day celebrations.


The two reveals have been enemies politically after NRM primaries where Nambozo lost and bounced back as independent after claiming that Asha rigged her votes.


Kigongo says that they are going to continue with reconciliation countrywide as a way of strengthening the party and as they prepare for 2026 general elections.


He adds that these two leaders are going to work together as a team to mobilise votes for NRM at all elective positions.


Nambozo and Asha promised to work together as a team and forget past political conflicts, strengthen the party in the district and mobilise more votes for NRM.


However, Francis Kyegulo Manyanuku one of the district FDC executive members and the LCIII chairperson of Budadiri town council has laughed off the reconciliation saying this is wastage of time.


He adds that FDC is aiming at giving good service delivery to people in the district which has made it popular in the district every year than NRM which is a confused party full of lies which has made people to reject it.

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