SIRONKO: People Living in Disaster Prone Areas Urged to Vacate to Safer Places

By Wesws Ronnie




As rain continues pounding Bugisu region, people living in disaster prone areas at Sironko district have been urged to vacate and relocate to safer places.


The call was made yesterday, 15th March, 2023 by Florence Nambozo, the woman MP for Sironko district while speaking to hundreds of mothers at Budadiri play ground located at Budadiri town council in Sironko district during district women’s day celebrations.


According to Nambozo, Sironko is one of the disaster prone districts with sub counties like Zesui, Masaba, Bugitimwa among those areas where landslides and floods have occurred.


Rachael Nandelege, the Sironko district community officer in the gender department urged parents especially mothers to guide their children about dangers of involving in bad habits like same sex.


She emphasized that currently the only way of avoiding such habits spreading in the country is by parents telling their children about dangers of homosexuality and lesbianism.


Isaiah Sasaga Wanzira, Member of Parliament representing Budadiri East constituency says he is ready to vote yes if the Anti-homosexuality bill is tabled in parliament.


He urged youths to desist from involving in such habits in order to maintain the African norms and culture.


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