Man Fails to Repatriate Wife’s Body from Saudi Arabia Since January, Cries Out For Help

By Nathan Eyagu




Philip Aluk a resident of Olok Sub County in Pallisa District has cried out to well-wishers to help him repatriate the body of his wife who passed on in Saudi Arabia where she had gone for “kyeyo” as a casual labourer.


In an interview with one of the online channels on YouTube, Philip who has since been left living with anxiety and depression explained that his wife Sarah Aluk left for Saudi Arabia with hopes of making money that would change their livelihoods but only got shocked to get news of her demise.


During the interview, Philip shared the ordeals that he is going through as a single father having a negative feeling after losing someone special to him who was a great bread winner of the day.


The two were legally married in 2009 and have three children ( two girls and one boy) that also remain living in pain as they still can’t believe that their mother is no more.


“After admiring other girls who went to Saudi Arabia progressing, she developed an idea of going to Saudi Arabia too that she shared with me, I supported the idea but never expected the findings.”


From January 13th, 2023 at 04:00am after getting the news of the sudden death of Sarah, without seeing her body, most family members don’t believe that she is no more although Philip says that he believes she is no more as communication is also cut between them.


Philip who explained in a hard agonizing voice like one who has gone days without even taking water said that the last time he talked to Sarah, she narrated to him how she wasn’t comfortable with the change of weather (winter) that made her vomit every morning while in Saudi Arabia.


Today, Philip doesn’t live together with his kids whom he says have gotten scattered as they grief the sudden death of their mother whose remains they pray to see so that they pay their last respects and get to believe that she is no more.


“She left after getting connection through Jerusalem Company in Uganda, a company that they visited later after hearing of her demise but were only given hope and told to be patient as they see how the body gets home for burial.” Philip says.


He also added that,” as much as the company is telling us that they are going to help us repatriate the body home for burial, I also kindly welcome any well-wishers who can assist in repatriating the body to help us”,


Philip says that he misses the assistance Sarah provided to the family as she loved everyone and did a lot to see through that their family stood strong.


“Am now living a single life that’s so difficult,” he narrated emotionally.


Sarah’s father, Asanasio Opio who visited the company recently in company of five others says that they didn’t get the bosses but were received by one of the representatives of the company who told them that the body would be brought back in a period of three weeks.


” They also complained that they were getting negative feedback from the public about the incident but as a company, they would try all their best to have the body get home,” he added.


Opio also explained that after they had an exchange with the company officials, they were given a contact number of Ambassador in Saudi Arabia though the lawyers who accompanied him gave the company two weeks to have Sarah’s body repatriated.


An attempt that was tried to get a comment from New Jerusalem Company about the incident didn’t yield results as their contact number wasn’t going through.


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