NAMISINDWA: Cases of Extortion of PDM Beneficiaries by Parish Chiefs, LCII Chairpersons Rising

By Weswa Ronnie




Despite several warnings from President Museveni, cases of Parish Development Model (PDM) beneficiaries being asked for money before registration are persisting in Namisindwa district.


This was raised yesterday, 21st March, 2023 by a number of angry beneficiaries during the launch of the program at Buwabwala sub county head offices, Namisindwa district.


Beneficiaries accused Parish chiefs and LCII chairpersons from different sub counties in Namisindwa district of asking for Shs10,000 from each intending beneficiary before they are registered.


Beatrice Nambuya and Joyce Kakai both beneficiaries from Busambatsa town board, Buwabwala sub county accused their Parish Chief, Evelyn Namarome and LCII chairperson Amos Kutosi of charging them Shs10,000 before being registered.


They add that most beneficiaries failed to raise the money and were left out which has annoyed them as locals.


Kakai also says that they want district leaders to explain to them what the purpose of the Shs10,000 they are charged yet President Museveni said during the PDM launch that it’s for free.

Wilson Walibwa, the district councilor of Buwatuwa Sub County says that even in his Sub County, he has got the same allegations from beneficiaries adding that he has not yet verified.


Jackson Wakwaika, the LCV chairperson of Namisindwa district said that he has got the same allegations from other sub counties across the district.


He argued that this may antagonize the progress of the program as they expected since most of the poor people who can’t afford 10.000/= were left out.


Andrew Wabweni, the Namisindwa District Community Development Officer also working as PDM district focal person condemned what parish chiefs and LCIIs are doing.


“Each beneficiary is supposed to pay only Shs5,000 to help to do activities like photocopying and other processing activities,” he said adding those who charged extra money will be forced to pay back.


However, Amos Kutosi  dismissed the allegations saying that they only charged 5,000/= for processing the file of the beneficiary with and photocopying then the extra Shs5,000 which was optional from each beneficiary was for opening bank account where government will transfer the money.

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