SIRONKO: Armed Thugs on Bajaj Motorcycles Raid Villages, Making Off With Millions of Money

By Weswa Ronnie 




Gun wielding thugs riding two numberless Bajaj motorcycles have raided villages of Namaguli and Bunyafwa Sub Counties making off with over Shs65 million.


The unusual attack took place on the night of 21st March, 2023 where a one Mike Nakedi, a businessman operating from Kipande trading center and a resident of Nakidye village, Bulujewa parish, Namaguli Sub County was the first to be attacked.


According to the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Sironko, Denis Ephraim Balwaniregha, the thugs suspected to be five in number first attacked Nakedi whom they forced to cough Shs6.5 Million and then disappeared without causing him any harm.


Balwaniregha says after attacking Nakedi, the same group proceeded to Bunandalu B village, Bunandalu parish, Bunyafwa Sub County and attacked a one, Kalifani Musosi, also a businessman.


The thugs who were also carrying pangas forced Musosi to release to them Shs40Million cash and Shs20Million that was on his mobile account.


The RDC says the attacks started at about 9:00PM.


He assured residents of Sironko that a security team has started investigating to identify the suspects and be arrested.


Kharuna Gaboba, the LCIII chairperson of Namaguli Sub County said that the suspects might have come from Mbale town because when they tried to follow them, they disappeared towards Mbale City.


He urged locals to be security cautious by reporting any new suspected person to local leaders or police in the area such that he or she can be arrested.


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