OPM RELIEF SAGA: Company Supplied Nabilatuk District 340 Ghost Goats

By Steven Enatu



The Parliamentary Affairs Committee of Parliament on Wednesday morning, 23rd March, 2023 interfaced with leaders from Nabilatuk District to investigate the items distributed under the Office of the Prime Minister including; Iron sheets, goats and some food relief items.


The visit to the District follows a petition from Members of Parliament from Karamoja Region on mismanagement of items delivered by the OPM which prompted the Speaker of Parliament Hon. Anitah Among to institute a committee to investigate the matter.


Led by the Ntungamo East legislator Hon. Benjamin Kamukama, the Committee discovered that the District never received any goats from a company named Enrich Agro Vet Technologies that claimed to have supplied 340 goats.


All the District leaders noted that they don’t know the company and have not transacted any business with it whatsoever.


During the meeting, the committee heard that Nabilatuk District received 5,390 goats contrary to the 5,840 that OPM reported.


According to the Deputy RDC Ayo Jacintah, out of the 6,240 goats that the District was supposed to receive, only 5,390 goats were received.


The Deputy RDC informed the committee that out of the 1,950 gala goats the district was meant to receive, only 1000 were received.


According to the Distribution, each beneficiary was supposed to get 10 East African goats, 5 gala goats and 1 Boer he goat. Out of the goats received in the District 2,440 died including; 2,076 East African goats, 89 gala goats and 275 Boer bugs.


Some of the beneficiaries who received the goats informed the committee that the goats died shortly after they received them.


Nyanga Mariko, a resident of Loteede Village, Arengesiep Ward noted that out of the 16 goats that he received, 12 died with only 3 surviving.


Another local Teko Charles Lorot noted that he received 16 goats but only 1 is remaining.


During the Discussion, the committee was informed that the District did not receive any iron sheets from the Office of the Prime Minister.


Nabilatuk District comprises 26 parishes and it registered 390 beneficiaries 15 per parish to benefit from the items distributed under OPM.


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