Bugwe Cultural Leader’s Last Journey

By Juma Magino



Hundreds of mourners yesterday gathered at Integrated Primary School Playground in Busia district to receive the deceased Bugwe King, His Royal Highness Philip Hasibante Nahama II, who is set to be laid to rest on Saturday, today, 25/3/2025.


Arafat Egesa the Kingdom’s Prime Minister applauded the people of Bugwe for turning up in big numbers to witness the return of the King’s body as it touched Busia soil on 24/3/2023 and attended the public viewing held at Integrated Primary School playground. Residents later accompanied Omwenego’s convoy as it drove through the town on its way to his home in Busumba Village.


The deceased died on 2/3/2023 in India were he had gone for an operation after battling with cancer for close to two years.


At the time of his death, Nahama II, was the eighth King of Bugwe which traces its origin to over 100 years ago. Others are King Mulere, King Mango I, King Mango II, King Haderesa, King Wambusi, King Ogema Luhika, King Obara Malaba and the recently crowned King Robert Obara Nahama III who is also the son of the deceased.


According to the program revealed to our reporter by Mr. Egesa, the deceased will be taken to his palace in Busumba Village, Nangwe Parish, in Dabani Sub County where he will be laid to rest today.



The Deputy Premier described the late King as a father who always carried out his role of unifying his subjects and encouraging them to embrace their culture. He added that the King has also been so vibrant in encouraging people to get involved in commercial agriculture and educating their children.



On his part, Philemon Buluma the Obwenengo cultural institution Speaker appreciated the government for its support rendered to the kingdom on covering all medical expenses during and after the death of the omwenengo.



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