Busia Security Imposes Night Ban on Supply of Slaughtered Meat by Traders

By Juma Magino




Security operatives in Busia district have imposed a ban on movement of slaughtered animal meat at night. The move is intended to curb the threat of animal theft which is on the rise by people posing as traders.


Recently, many animal owners within Busia have raised concern about their animals being stolen from their kraals and end up being slaughtered in bushes by unknown thugs. Most of the animals targeted by thieves are Goats, Sheep and Cattle.


In an exclusive interview on 29/3/2023 with our reporter at his office, Mr. Didas Byaruhanga the District Police Commander said that while addressing stakeholders at a security meeting held earlier in the day at Busia Municipal Abattoir, he announced the new security measures which will guide in safeguarding people’s animals that are targeted by thieves. He said that no individual or trader will be allowed to transport slaughtered animals before 7:30AM.


Other measures according to Mr. Didas, include all traders participating in the slaughter business to genuinely register with the relevant authorities which among them; District Veterinary Office, the Leadership of Busia Abattoir, and the Security personnel.


He also said that before an animal is slaughtered, the veterinary officer must take photos of both the animal and the person in charge of slaughtering together with the one who claims ownership of it.

Jimmy Kwoba, the Chairperson of Busia Abattoir welcomed the move initiated by the security agencies and encouraged the police to arrest and prosecute any person caught transporting slaughtered animal meat in sacks. He said at the abattoir, slaughtering of animals kicks off at 7:00AM and the stamping process ends at around 8AM arguing that whoever transports meat before that time bracket does it illegally.


He added that their people in charge of distributing meat to butcheries have identification cards and uniforms.


On his part, Bernard Othieno, the In charge of Operations stated that most smuggled animal meat has always been impounded around a place called Arubaine located in Eastern Division in Busia Municipality. He has also vowed to personally hold operations on all owners of butcheries that deal in selling unstamped meat.

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