SIRONKO: Bumasifwa Seed Sec School Teachers Lay Down Tools, Cause Students’ Strike

By Weswa Ronnie




Students of Bumasifwa seed school located at Bumasifwa Sub County in Sironko district have today, 5th April, 2023 gone on a violent strike vandalizing school properties worth million shillings.


According to Titus Wombilo, the Bumasifwa district councillor, students held the strike because of lack of lessons for one week after teachers laid down their tools.


He adds that teachers have spent one and a half year without getting their lunch, transport allowances and salaries.

Wambilo says that the money which was meant to pay the teachers and do other activities at the school was removed from the school account by the school leaders and they don’t know what they used it for.


Christine Nabugoda, the chairperson of Parents Teachers Association (PTA) at Bumasifwa CD secondary school told our reporter on phone that those teachers were supposed to be paid by money which was sent on school account by the government through the USE program.


She says that students destroyed school properties like banana plantations, smashing widows among others.


Nabugoda adds that they have talked to the students who accepted to suspend the strike as they try to investigate and look for a solution.


Moses Nambale, the Sironko district education officer, says that they are going to investigate the way 56 million shillings was removed from the school account rather than doing school work.


However, Stella Nambozo, the outgoing head teacher, says that all those teachers were paid until the last month, March 2023.


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