Kenya Traditionalists Bring Down LGBTQ Flag from top of Mt. Kenya

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A group of Kikuyu traditionalists yesterday, 9th April, 2023, destroyed a flag alleged to represent the LGBTQ community that was reportedly hoisted at the peak of Mt Kenya, in 2019.

The group, under the banner of Booi wa Kirira Kia Mugikuyu, loosely translated to mean, ‘the gathering for Kikuyu culture’, has in the last one month been raising funds for them to scale the mountain and remove the flag alleged to represent the LGBTQ community.


A team of about ten climbers went up the mountain on Friday, April 7, and came back on Sunday, April 9, with the alleged flag that was set on fire at Naromoru, Kieni East Sub-county, Nyeri County.


The event was followed up by cleansing rites by Kikuyu elders.

They said that ashes from the burnt flag would be thrown into the river that flows to the Indian Ocean.

The group says that hoisting of the flag alleged to represent the LGBTQ community atop Mt Kenya had the effect of desecrating Kikuyu’s holiest shrine.

According to Kikuyu culture, Mt Kenya is the abode of Mwenenyaga, their deity. Kikuyu traditionalists pray facing the mountain.

“It is an affront to Gikuyu spirituality, for members of this community to desecrate our Supreme Altar by raising their flag on Kīrīnyaga (Mt Kenya),” says Kimani Charagu, a founding member of Booi wa Kirira.

“We were determined to bring the flag down and thereafter perform cleansing rites by our sages.”

Ngarau Njonjo, another member of the group, who was in the team that climbed the mountain, said that uprooting the said flag and the attendant cleansing ceremony is a stern message that the community will not be used as a doormat for ‘all manner of alien practices’.

Murugu wa Kimari, who is the treasurer of Booi wa Kirira, says theirs is a way of preserving the sanctity of Mt Kenya as well Kikuyu culture.

“Our people should pause and ask themselves why all these bad things are occurring in the community, including unexplained killings almost on a daily basis,” explained Murugu, who has also authored a book on Kikuyu culture.

“This is a clear indication that Mwenenyaga is not happy with us.”

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