Teso Singer Jose De Man Apologizes To Public, Rickxel Mc

By Nathan Eyagu




Teso’s upcoming singer and song writer, Jose de Man popularly known with his song “ikaisari” has officially accepted to put pride aside and publically apologize to the public and Mc Rickxel over an incident that occurred on Easter Sunday during clever spider’s ‘ibang aberu’ concert at Secret Heart Hotel in Kumi District.


In a video circulating in the Internet, singer Jose de Man is seen pushing mc Rickxel off the stage while trying to get the microphone from him.


“Due to public Demand and good image towards the Teso entertainment Fraternity, After a phone conversation with my brother from another mother Rickxel Mc and frequent calls from Majority of Friends and concerned People”, Jose de Man posted on his Facebook wall.


“I’m here to APOLOGIZE to you all on the issue that happened yesterday in IBANG ABERU CONCERT KUMI When me Jose De Man and Mc Rickxel failed to Coordinate and it ended up in a slight exchanging of blows,” he posted.


He further requested the public never to end up judging issues that they never know how they started. .


Meanwhile, mc Rickxel congratulated legendary singer clever spider for the successful show and entrusting him as the day’s MC


“For whatever happened our lovely fans are our witnesses who came to support us thank you again. The sky is the limit”, he added.


It should also be noted that during the dolopiko festival that took place last year at Kumi Boma Grounds, Mc Rickxel who has been the official promoter and video director of dolopiko was sent out of the stage by comedian Dolopiko who accused him of sneaking to MC yet he wasn’t part of the program.

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