KARAMOJA IRON SHEETS: Ministers Who Took Iron Sheets Are Subversive – M7


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President Museveni has described Ministers of his government who consciously took the now infamous Karamoja iron sheets as subversive.


Museveni said this in a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja dated 3rd April, 2023 saying the Ministers who diverted the mabaatis meant for Karachunas were actually encouraging insecurity in Karamoja.


The Karachunas are Karamojong cattle raiders who have been convinced to stop the vice of cattle rustling and the mabbatis were meant to settle them down.


Museveni is also not convinced that the Ministers received the iron sheets and gave them out to their constituents or institutions in their constituencies saying it is ‘political corruption’.


“It is like bribing voters so as to get political favours,” Museveni said in his letter in which he directs the Prime Minister to ensure that whoever was involved in misappropriating iron sheets return them or their monetary value after which he will take political action including withdrawing those involved, from his cabinet.


The President also directed that Ministers who unconsciously received the mabaati to return them if still available or reimburse the monetary value to the Office of the Prime Minister.


Now the Sabbalwanyi has no kind words for the Ministers who took the iron sheets and put them into their personal use.


“Those who took the mabaati for personal use. This is not just a political mistake, it is Theft,” Museveni wrote directing that apart from returning the mabaati or the monetary value, they should face the law.



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