PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE: Mbale RDC Bans PTA Fees in Government Aided Schools

By Weswa Ronnie




Mbale Resident District Commissioner (RDC) has stopped the collection of Parents’ Teachers’ Association [PTA] fees at government primary and secondary aided schools.


Asumini Nasike gave the directive on Friday, 14th April, 2023 while speaking to hundreds of people at Bufumbo sub county play ground during Mbale district women’s day celebrations under the theme ‘equal opportunity in education, science and technology for gender equality.’


According to Madam Nasike, the ban was issued by the President last month during their meeting and she is now implementing the directive.

‘’That money they call PTA is not there in law but the government wonders why school leaders dismiss students back who have not paid, leading them to miss classes as some drop out especially girls,’’ Mrs Asumini said.


The RDC said any school that wants to charge PTA should first agree with the parents and the fee should be affordable to many adding that should parents refuse to pay, their children should not be chased from school because government thorough universal secondary and primary education pays fees per term for all children.


However, David Gidudu, Mbale district education committee member also councilor representing Budwale Sub County says the RDC doesn’t know the use of PTA money at schools.


‘’It’s very impossible to stop schools from demanding PTA money from parents because that money helps to run different activities at school since USE and UPE money is too little to finish all activities,’’ Mr. Gidudu said.


Muhammad Mafabi, the LCV chairperson Mbale district also disagrees with the RDC urging parents to pay deaf ears to her statement.


Mr. Mafabi said ‘’ As LCV chairperson I can’t support the issue of stopping schools from asking PTA money from parents. ‘’

‘’The president might be having intentions of killing education standards in Bugisu because most of his directives like this one of banning the collection of PTA money and lunch fee doesn’t work in western region,’’ Mr. Mafabi said.


During the same function she donated fifty mattresses to about 50 pupils who passed in first grade during last year’s Primary Leaving Examination in the district as a way of motivating them and encouraging others to work hard.


Muhammad Wasolo, one of the parents from Bufumbo Sub County in Mbale district expressed his happiness with the president’s directive through RDC saying that most of the parents in villages have failed to take their children to school due PTA fee which is too high.

‘’I urge the president to mean this directive such that children of poor Ugandans can also access education,’’ Mr . Muhamed said.


Parents of all government aided secondary schools and few primary schools are entitled to pay a certain agreeable amount of money per term to the school which helps the school to carry out some activities like paying teachers who are not on payroll, buying food for teachers, renovating the school among other uses.


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