Corruption Crippling Uganda’s Aviation Industry – Flight Capt. Mike Mukula

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Some of the students passed out from Uganda Aviation Academy at Entebbe Airport on Sunday

The founders of Aviation training institutes in Uganda have appealed to government to help them on the corruption crippling the aviation industry, which they say is preventing many students from getting jobs after completing their training in various airline courses.


This call was made by flight captain Mike Mukula, the proprietor of Uganda Aviation Academy, one of the leading Aviation schools in Uganda, east Africa and Africa at large on Sunday, 16th April, 2023.


Captain Mike Mukula, said the country’s aviation industry is one of the growing sectors after government allowed private institutions to start training students in aviation.


Mukula however said unfortunately, most of the qualified students get stranded after completing studies yet the country has a good number of flight companies which have employed mainly foreigners.


Captain Mukula, further expressed concern over the corruption that is still rampant in the industry, saying it is preventing students from getting jobs in the airlines.


“Due to corruption that is still rampant in the Aviation industry, this is preventing students from getting jobs in renowned transport companies. Uganda Aviation Academy has produced: – cabin crew, training, ticketing, flight operations, aviation security, cargo handling and many other specialized training who have toured the national Airport today (Sunday) ‘’ – Captain Mukula.


Captain Mukula also revealed that the aviation industry is growing from strength to strength now that Uganda has its own Airline which is also expanding its routes to various parts of the world.

“And as far as I am informed, they will further be having a direct flight to London, and currently they are flying direct to Dubai and they also intend to fly to India, Bombay (Now Mumbay) and other parts of the world.

“As far as I know, Uganda Airline will also be flying to West Africa but the bottom-line is that many Air companies are now coming into the country and we have the Aviation industry which is expanding and now that we have oil, many Charter companies are coming in for development,” he said.


Mukula also revealed that a sister company called Safari Air will be opening offices in Pan African House at Kimathi Avenue the centre of Kampala saying many of their students will be going through training there.


In order to improve on the quality of the Aviation business sector, Mukula said that they intend to launch the Hitali International University which will train students in various courses to collaborate with the Aviation industry so that they can have tour guides, Hotel management, housekeeping, bakery, chefs & cooks etc.


“This will create employment for young people in the country, as you know the demographics of this country, almost 80% of people at the age of 30 – 35 are jobless. There is no better industry like the Aviation sector, I am very proud to have the aviation team here, Uganda aviation Academy is international with students from all the way from Ethiopia, Eritrea, India, Pakistan, South Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC Congo, Tanzania and as far as Zambia”- Captain Mukula noted.


He concluded by saying that the Aviation Industry is now integrating and getting globalised. “I want to thank the team and encourage the students to be serious about the Aviation industry and training and avoid HIV and AIDS, continue to be healthy and aim high as our motto illustrates.


“I want to take the opportunity to once again assure you we are going to work with the ministry of Health, ministry of transport, and work very closely again with the ministry of tourism to see that we expand the opportunities and grow the Aviation industry in the country,” he promised.


Mukula also thanked and congratulated President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for having put an enabling environment for the private sector to grow saying security is a cornerstone in the revolution of the development of Uganda.


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