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By George Emuron


The office of the electoral commission has today 5th, June 2023 nominated a total of three candidates to vie for the district chairperson seat for Bukedea district.


The Bukedea district chairperson seat became vacant on 17th, Dec 2022, after the death of Moses Olemukan.


In the nomination exercise headed by the Bukedea district electoral chairperson, Suleman Kato announced that, the electoral commission has fully verified the documents of four candidates.


He said the two candidates are independent, whereas the other two are one for FDC party and the other for NRM.


“I want to inform the public that we have verified the papers of four aspirants in order to qualify as candidates to rally for bukedea district chairperson seat”, said Mr.Kato.


Mr. Sam Oita Odeke, the FDC candidate whose nomination commenced at 10:25 am as the first candidate to be nominated told this publication that his focus is to unify the people of Bukedea.


“Iam happy my nomination exercise has gone through smoothly and as FDC candidate my focus is to unite the people of Bukedea ukedea”, said Mr.Oita.


Mr. Lokwisk Tychicus Ebukalin, the independent candidate who was the second person to be nominated said being the flag bearer of people, his set to fight corruption in Bukedea district.


“I want to thank the security of Bukedea and iam happy that my nomination went on well but my appeal is that let democracy prevail”, said Mr. Okwi.


Mary Akol, the Bukedea NRM party flag bearer who was the third person to be nominated said as NRM said she is set to fulfill the party manifesto.


She said before the death of late Moses Olemukan, the council had already laid the development plans for Bukedea which she is willingly set to accomplish.


Mr. Suleman Kato, the Bukedea electoral commission chairperson however concluded saying the nomination exercise runs up to Tuesday (tomorrow). He said the one who has not yet been nominated will be nominated tomorrow.

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