Gov’t Launches Digitalized Payment of PDM Cash to Bypass Greedy Parish Chiefs

By Weswa Ronnie




The Minister for Micro Finance, Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo has officially launched Wendi digital platform.

The platform that was launched on Wednesday, 12th July, 2023 is going to be used by Parish Development Model (PDM) beneficiaries to access their money.


Wendi transfer is a new digital system which has been developed by Post bank in partnership with MTN to digitalise PDM cash transfer from the bank account to mobile money account of an individual beneficiary.


While speaking to hundreds of PDM beneficiaries at Bukedea district head offices, Kasolo said that now PDM beneficiaries are going to receive their money from Post bank using Wendi system direct to their MTN mobile phone accounts such that they can withdraw from anywhere.


He revealed that government through post bank and MTN came up with this system to avoid problems which PDM beneficiaries have been encountering.


Kasolo says that they have been getting complaints that most PDM beneficiaries are being charged extra money by parish chiefs claiming that they helped them in money processing, stealing their money after withdrawing, moving long distances from rural areas to town in order to access Bank services which put them at risks, and overcrowding in banks among others.



The minister says that this system is only for PDM beneficiaries who opened accounts at government banks like post bank, Micro finical bank and Housing finance bank. He urged PDM beneficiaries to embraces this system arguing that the world is going digital and it’s easy.



Richard Yeko, the MTN Momo Chief Executive Director says that during the launch, they gave out over 100 smart phones to Bukedea PDM beneficiaries such that they can easily access Wendi digital platform since most of the village people don’t have smart phones.


He urged all the PDM beneficiaries from Bukedea and Uganda at large to embrace the system such that they can move with the digital generation of money transfers.


David Malinga and Samuel Opio both PDM beneficiaries from Bukedea expressed their happiness with the system saying that  they have been travelling long distances to access bank services at Soroti but now they can get their money from home through MTN mobile money.


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