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FDC party Members in Iganga district

The election organized by FDC Party at the Iganga district level attracted two contestants; Councilor Hajjat Nabirye Zuula and Ibanda Nasser, chairman LC3 Nambale Sub County Iganga district.


Ibanda Nasser scooped 35 votes beating Hajjati Nabirye Zuula who got 15 votes out of 69 votes in the exercise that took place on Monday, 14th August 2023.

Hajjati Nabirye Zuula lost honorably

The total number of valid FDC party voters in Iganga district are 69 however some of the voters failed to participate in the election


Having won the elections, Chairman Nasser said that love for unity in his party is one of the major factors that compelled him to contest for the chairmanship of FDC party in Iganga district.


He adds that he is willing to cooperate with everyone and that in his term he is to erase all evil acts in the party in Iganga and that those who say that they have sections of people they support at the central executive body should stop it because the party is for people and there should be no disunity and discrimination.


Ibanda Nasser adds that misunderstands at CEC between Hon Nandala Mafabi, Hon Semujju and others should not foster further divergence and disunity in the party but instead focus on development, transformation, change and party objectives.


Finally he revealed that people of Iganga district should be prepared for him because he is coming for LC5 district chairperson 2026.


Hajjati Nabirye Zuula while addressing the press said she is free with the members decision adding that she will support and second any party member who will come out and contest for any post provided he/she is on FDC party ticket.


Returning officer FDC party iganga district, Mr. Muwanga Sale when approached said that the election was free and fair and called for unity and excellent leadership of the party leaders.


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