BUGISU: Defeated Umukuka III Rival Faction Minister Parades Manhood in Protest

By Weswa Ronnie




There was untold drama at Masaba Cultural Institution offices on Saturday, 19th August 2023 when a Minister for Security in John Amuram Wagabyalile’s faction undressed in broad daylight and showing his circumcised manhood.


Peter Kusolo was responding to attempts by Ministers of the now gazzetted Umukuka III, Jude Mike Mudoma to evict them from the Cultural offices located at Malukhu, Industrial Division, Mbale City.


Last month, the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development gazetted Mudoma as cultural leader of Masaba cultural institution but the offices were already being occupied by the faction of John Amuram Wagabyalile since the death of Bob Mushikori in 2021 the outgoing Umukuka.


Last week, Mudoma with his cabinet and followers resolved to evict Wagabyalile with his faction from the Cultural offices by force over the weekend such that he can occupy the office and start work since the government has gazzetted him as legitimate Umukuka III.


Consequently, Hebert Mulekwa, the former LCV chairperson of Sironko who is currently serving as Mudoma’s General Secretary and Kalidi Masa on Saturday morning turned up at Inzu yamasaba head offices located at Malukhu ward, Industrial city division in Mbale city with intention of holding talks with the Wagabyalile faction to peacefully handover the offices and other instruments to them.


However, Kusolo expressed his bitterness by undressing and holding his manhood and showing it to the two officers from Mudoma side publicly as a way of cursing them and Mudoma.


Kusolo says Mudoma was illegally elected and he forged all means to bribe minister Peace Mutuzo before being gazetted which Bamasaba cannot accept.


By press time, the two members from Mudoma’s factions had dislodged themselves quietly from the office premises.


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