Kibuku Man Waylays 14 Year Old Girl Gathering Firewood, Defiles Her

By Weswa Ronnie




Police in Kibuku district are holding a 32 year old man for allegedly defiling a 14 year old girl, a pupil at Katiryo primary school.


The suspect identified as Joseph Olinga, a resident of Kawukira village, Gogonya Sub County in Kibuku district was arrested on Monday, 21st August 2023.


According to Immaculate Emily Alaso, the police spokesperson of Bukedi North region, Olinga defiled the victim on Sunday, 20th August 2023 in the bush while she had gone to fetch firewood.


She adds that they have taken both the victim and the suspect for medical examination as they are continuing with investigations.


Alaso also says that once investigations are over, Olinga will be taken to court and answer charges of aggravated defilement.


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