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Promoter Mulla Ent Breaks Silence Over Flopped Black & White Party in Soroti City

By Nathan Eyagu




Goons removing bolts from this car wheel belonging to Fille


Renowned events promoter for Teso and Karamoja, Mulla Ent has denied allegations that he messed up the black and white party that took place on Sunday at Labrand Lounge, one of the renowned clubs in Soroti city.


It should be noted that singer Fille and OS suna who were the major performers of the day’s event failed to turn up.


According to reports, the event turned into a mess after a group of goons(street kids) stormed the venue and threw stones at the team manning the security at the entrance thus leaving damages behind.


The incident however left revelers in shock and worry although the situation later came under control.


However by midnight, some fans requested performers to be brought on stage but rumors circulated the venue that Mc Kats and Fille were already at the nearby club/bar (Chillaz lounge) which later caused anger amongst the revelers who requested management to refund their money since the artistes allegedly performed at a different venue as they accused Mulla Ent for paying off the artistes to perform at a different venue.


At 02:00am, unidentified team of people moved to Chillaz lounge and dashed direct to two vehicles with registration plate numbers UBJ266E and UBK016U that were packed at the front that had brought Fille and the team and removed the wheel bolts from all tyres that prevented the cars from moving away.

One of Fille’s vandalized cars

The incident turned into drama and chaotic as more of the people came closer to witness what was happening, they accused NBS’ tv presenter Mc Kats for bringing Fille to a different venue and requested him to take her to Labrand to perform for them as they had already paid their money.


The singer was later saved by security that intervened and the hectic situation came under control.


It should also be noted that the event organiser accused the singer for allegedly failing to perform at the first event that he had organised although he had cleared up the bill.


Following the allegations, Mulla Ent explained that, “the guys wanted their balance cause without it, they couldn’t do anything as those guys were moving with Kats for three days but each show that didn’t do well, they would promise to clear the team after the next show.”


He however explained that Fille didn’t enter chillaz but it was only Kats who did it, saying as a manager to the singer, Kats has the right to move wherever he wants.


” I didn’t connive with anyone, I am part of the Uganda entertainers association for Teso and Karamoja and every artiste who comes around is free to call me and in case of any issue, the manager or artistes can still call me for assistance where need be, Kats called me telling me that he was bored and he needed to go somewhere to relax, I also then got them from the roof top of chillaz before he came to party down with the crowd but only wished one of the people a happy birthday,” he says.


” I later saw Dj swaz and the team who had come over to pick the singer but later started exchanging over unpaid balance, it was their mistake not to pay the artiste but not blaming everyone else over what happened.”


” He also explained that the two bars have their own beef as when you are a dj at labrand you can’t play music from chillaz but those in chillaz can do it in labrand, how do u fail to pay the artiste then later start blaming other people, they would have sat down with the artiste and harmonized the issue”,


About the goons who attacked people at the venue, Mulla Ent explained that there wasn’t enough man power at the event as Soroti is full of thugs, whenever there are shows as security wasn’t aware about the event.


He further advised event organisers to always note everything on paper for easy follow up compared to verbal agreement.



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