NAMISINDWA: Couple Arrested for Stealing Primary School Solar Panels

By Weswa Ronnie
Police at Namisindwa have today, 13th September, 2023 arrested a wife and husband for stealing two solar panels of Murumba government aided primary school located at Buwatuwa sub county in Namisindwa district.
The suspects are; Jennifer Mukhwana, 40 years and Godfrey Wakoko aged 45 years, both residents of Bukimwanga village, Butiru parish Buwatuwa Sub County in Namisindwa district.
According to Peter Mukhwana, the head teacher of Murumba primary school, the two panels each worthy 6 million shillings were disconnected and removed on 2nd this month.
He adds that management with locals carried out investigations until they got them at this couple’s home who neighbor the school. He says they arrested them and handed them to police with the panels as exhibits.
Mukhwana says that the panels were donated by Apollo Masika, the area Member of Parliament to the school last year to help teachers and candidate classes to conduct preps during night since the area has no power and they want to improve on performance.
Bosco Mubuya, one of the area residents also personal assistant to Masika has condemned the act saying the suspects must be detained and be an example to others .
Rogers Taitika, the Elgon region police spokesperson has confirmed the arrest saying the two have pleaded guilty to stealing the solar panels and that they are currently being detained at Namisindwa police station as investigations continue.
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