Mbale NUP Defectors Threaten to Return to Opposition





As the electoral commission released the road map for 2026 general elections, a section of National Unity Platform (NUP) defectors in bugisu region has threatened to go back to the opposition if their grievances and pledges are not addressed by NRM party bosses.


Key among the issues they want addressed include empowering them financially to undertake projects that were promised by the NRM National cadre indentified as Asumpitah Mugisha a.k.a Mama Mzee Enderea Task force.They say they were promised air.


Speaking to this reporter, the defectors complained of being abandoned for two years after the elections by the NRM party Mobiliser and being denied space to voice out their concerns to the NRM party bosses.


They added that their pledges they presented to her on 3rd march 2021 at Elgon Palace Hotel in Mbale City have never been fulfilled.


However other sources reveal that the defectors include groups like Mbale Media NUP Association, Business Youth Association, Mbale Garage youths Association, among others.

Abudalllah Umru, the Mbale NUP convert leader said lack of attention by the Mzeei Enderea leader over the years has angered them and prompting them to consider shifting allegiance.


“No pledges no support for NRM and president Museveni and we are ready to go back to the opposition,” Abdallah said.

Bududa NUP converts Leader told this reporter that their massive defeaction to NRM has been abused.


He said the failure by Mzee Enderea taskforce leadership to support their initiatives will fail NRM party programs in Bugisu region.

Similarly, Mafabi Rajabu says there is need for an urgent dialogue between the NUP converts in greater Mbale and the NRM party leadership.


“Am Wondering if Mzee Enderea taskforce still wants us because they conviced us to join the NRM party on condition and now we are dumped. It’s like she has done more harm than good,” said Mafabi Rajabu.


The uproar by the NUP leaders in Eastern Uganda comes ahead of the planned President’s visit which is expected to be in Mbale next month 2023.



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