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A MUST ATTEND! The Return of Egugunaun2023 Full Blast in Soroti City

By Steven Enatu




Romeo will be in action too

Vinka, Romeo, Rody Gavana among other best artists are set to captivate audiences during the TBS Egugunaun2023 due to happen on the 16th December 2023 at Soroti sports ground.


It will be a night of musical ecstasy, where every note will seem to transcend the boundaries of sound and touch the very soul of those who will be fortunate enough to attend, Egugunaun 2023!


The preparations are in high gear with huge interest in ensuring that the audience gets exactly the very best. Like the best show of 2023 to reckon with.


As the lights dim, the stage will bathe in a warm, golden glow, a hushed anticipation will settle over the audience.


The air will be thick with excitement, and the collective heartbeat of the crowd will seem to synchronize with the musical rhythm played by top notch DJays from TBS radio. It will be a mix and mingle. All presenters will be present to share love with their fans.

The artistes that will showcase talent at the event

Picture a vibrant evening in Soroti sports ground where the air is filled with the unmistakable energy of anticipation. The stage will be set, adorned with the colors of TBS RADIO, and the crowd will buzz with excitement as they await the arrival of Vinka, the charismatic Ugandan artist.


As the lights dim, the stage comes alive with a kaleidoscope of colors, and the first beats of Vinka’s chart-topping hit Bailando reverberate through the venue.


The crowd will erupt into cheers, and the infectious rhythm will invite everyone to their feet. Vinka, a powerhouse of talent and charisma, will take the stage with a presence that commands attention.


Her voice, a unique blend of strength and emotion will cut through the air, delivering lyrics that resonate with the audience.


The beats, a fusion of Afrobeat and contemporary sounds will create an irresistible groove that permeates the venue.


Next will be Romeo Odong…Yoo Leng. This Song Yoo Leng has left several whites in Canada demanding that he stays there for more time but due to his demand and quest to shake the stage during Egugunaun 2023, Romeo has touched base in Uganda ready to put up the energetic performances that day. He always does it with his dancers on stage, adorned in vibrant traditional attire.


This year 2023, TBS in Egugunaun will be celebrating six years of urban broadcasting and therefore lots of prices have been organized to appreciate our listeners. These prices include motorcycles, Bicycles, fridges, modern tv screens, Tshirts, caps and so much more to be won


Egugunaun will importantly present the opportunity for home talents’ evolution, from their breakthrough hits to the latest tracks that have the audience singing along.


Couples will sway together, friends link arms, and strangers become temporary dance partners.


The connection between artist and fans will transcend the physical space, creating a sense of community and shared celebration.


The music will become a bridge, connecting people from different walks of life in a shared love for TBS radio’s six years of broadcast under Tan Media.


This we promise, the crowd will be left exhilarated, with smiles and laughter echoing in the air. #Egugunaun2023 event isn’t just a concert; it’s a celebration of the radio’s fans and partners, unity, and the power of music to bring people together in joyous harmony. The memories of this event will linger in your mind.


Get yourself an early bird ticket at 8000shs. On that day, entrance will be 10,000shs, 20,000shs for VIP and a table of 5 @200,000 with lots of drinks. Check us today at TBS RADIO RECEPTION TO BOOK YOUR TICKET OR PARTNER WITH US.

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